One business one advisory service

We operate with the philosophy of standardisation of our services and methodology for sector specific businesses across all our geographical areas. It's a structure that enables us to understand problems quicker than others and we are able to mobilize our people quickly, and allocate them to projects in the right place, at the right time.

Segments of our advisory services

Our services are generally neutral to industries. We serve advisory services on ICT, Web and Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Custom Applications, Software Development, Web Interface / Navigation Designs, Template Designs and many more.

ICT Services

We provide advisory services and full scale solutions on the following IT services:
  • Network Planning & Management
  • Process Design and Implementation
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • Website & Content Management Services

Web and Mobile Apps

We believe that business shall always focus on its core activities to boost organic growth. The other facets of the business shall be handled in a separate process. We have the team and expertise to build the most efficient web and mobile applications for specific client requirements. We build CMS (Content Management System)  solutions, websites, e commerce websites, mobile friendly websites, data driven mobile apps. We build systems that are fastest, SEO ready with automatic error control and correction system. 

Digital Marketing

We have different level of advisory services for digital marketing. Similarly, we have different level of SEO, advertising and marketing services. We have various packages for your needs. Here is a glimpse of our SEO packages.

Custom Applications

We have advisory services on the entire life cycle of a custom applications. In this process, we guide you through different stages of the process of development. We advise on best practices and saves your valuable time and effort. You will be able to complete the project the market demands.
Alternatively, we can manage and build the entire application from conceptualization to delivery in a timely and quality assured fashion.

Web Interface / Navigation Designs

Navigation and standard web interfaces are the most needed component to successful design of an application. We have all the expertise in building standard User Interfaces and a consistent navigation structure. We do not support advisory service on this design as a separate process.

Template Designs

We have services for building templates and also have ready to use website templates as well. These ready to use templates are available on our separate project deployed on We also make newsletter templates and billing templates.

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