We know it is essential to translate strategy into the right combination of organizational strength, agility, and leanness and to align all elements of the operating model.

Our Outlook
Wexcore new operating model, based on market economics and customized to deliver against shareholder expectations, customer needs and the relationships among the constituencies in the organization’s extended enterprise.

Tailored to meet a company’s particular situation, a new operating model typically includes any or all of the following elements:
  • A decision-rights framework that clearly identifies and motivates individuals to work, individually and together, toward strategic objectives
  • Profit-accountable business units formed around distinct value propositions
  • Alliances and partnerships with best-in-class providers to leverage scale, access expertise, and increase flexibility
  • Linkages among organizational elements that measure, inform, and motivate them to effectively work together to execute the firm’s strategy

How We Help:
Wexcore has deep expertise to not only design operating models and organizations, but also to help realize the potential of a new organization by deploying our experts in organization efficiency.

Organization plan:
We take a holistic approach to organization from the structural elements of organization plan to the informal elements that influence its success.

Organization proficiency:
We assist clients in responding to competitive pressures by restructuring their organizations and achieve step-change improvements in cost performance. Our proficiencies span the full lifecycle of a cost transformation ― from the strategy phase to detailed design and through execution.

Change management:
Change Management is a systematic approach for enabling an organization to transition from a current state to a desired future state. Our approach is to balance formal and informal interventions to ensure that leaders drive and role model the change, people throughout the organization adopt new ways of working and the business benefits of the change are sustained.

Corporate governance:
We believe companies must look beyond mere compliance and embed corporate governance in the business processes and culture of the organization.
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