Life and Commerce - It’s All About Problem Solving
It’s true: what sets humans apart from all other forms of life is our ability to solve problems. Humans solve problems to meet their needs and fulfill their wants, thereby reducing stress. So what does that have to do with business? Every corporation in the world exists to make money, but there is a fundamental underlying function by which businesses perform.

Our Outlook:
Inability of methodologies
We might add that in a world where consultants are constantly branding methods and practising lenses through which to view the business at hand, a problem-solving orientation can sustain a workforce through these various programmatic gyrations and iterations. All the tools, techniques and methods that go with them— are nothing more than repackaged programs for solving the business problems.

Wexcore understands the problems businesses face and we know where the problem-solving power ends and the packaged programs begin. We recognize that particular changes in Lean as well as the tools wield have now been commoditized.

At Wexcore, we solve problems only because we know how to define them, analyse them and bring the very best tools and know how to bear on the solution. Having corpora of tools and techniques alone doesn’t make one a world-class problem-solver. Something more is needed if a business is to better meet human needs with profitable products and services that take their customers’ pain away.

We all know at our cores that only an organization can transform itself, only sometimes with some help from the outside when needed. Wexcore understands this and has realigned its services and its experts to help others solve their problems.

How We Help:
Wexcore’s Problem Solving capabilities have made it known operations excellence consulting firm in the following consulting services:

Six Sigma:
Companies use Six Sigma to reduce variation in products and processes- but the net impact of any Six Sigma intervention is what people really look for- fewer defects, shorter cycle times, increased capacity and throughput, lower costs and reduced capital expenditures.

Basic Problem Solving:
Basic Problem Solving is used when your process or system under study is complex because no one person in your practice knows all the dimensions of an issue, when your process involves more than one discipline or work area or when your solution requires creativity or when you need your employees’ commitment.

Mega Process Redesign:
Mega Process Redesign helps companies in rethinking modules of a large process problem, solve the basic human needs thorough the process by designing solutions in a radically new way that eliminates waste by breakthrough levels in the system and gives rise to an entirely new process that works in the best way possible.
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