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WTemplate - An all purpose web design solution


All Purpose Web Design Solution

Instant website and e commerce setup

Fast, secure and reliable -Tested on google
Affordable with high performance HTML 5 and Web 3.0 compliant
Build design by aggregating components and plugins

Component Way of Design

WYSIWYG Content Management System

All pages are built with component aggregation
Search capable websites
Automated error management
Responsive design with speed optimized

Responsive Web Design

Fits to multiple devices - Mobile, Laptop, Tablet & Desktop

Tested on major browsers - chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari & Opera

Built with mobile first paradigm

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Professional catalogue of business website templates is here. Why wait? See Live Demo, Buy it and get started NOW!

Bring your business on web in three simple steps:
  • Select your design. 
  • Order it on direct number / Send a buying request and get your website installed.
  • Map your domain and upload the content.

You are done! Your professional business website is ready.

Explore our amazing & professional web templates all of which are responsive and tuned for better user experience with good aesthetics. Each template is built with a specific business sector in mind. All websites are secure and optimized for faster loading. 

Raising your business on internet was never so easy. We simplify the process in few clicks of a button.

WTemplate Advantages
  • Instant / Quick Professional Website Solution
  • Easy content management short site completion time
  • WYSIWYG CMS allow easy administration
  • Inbuilt security with all websites, No addition patches required.
  • Automatic error detection & correction mechanism
  • Sandbox Architecture for data storage
  • Fast and page speed optimized. Tested with google page speed test

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