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Wexcore works side by side with top management to help plan and implement their corporate strategies. The result of these collaborative efforts is an approach that ensures that all strategies can be turned into actions, led from the top, with clear accountability.

Our Outlook
Companies today face a complex, volatile business environment. Ongoing strategic planning is vital for navigating this global landscape. We help our clients strive for robust, systematic planning that is strategic in scope, global in nature and innovative in design.

Business Unit Strategy:
We help business units develop scenarios to frame their strategic planning processes, as well as to perform market and technology assessments, redesign planning and budgeting processes, develop appropriate metrics and governance processes, and redesign their organizational structures. Our work includes creating strategies for organic as well as targeting and executing joint ventures and divestitures.

Corporate Strategy:
Corporate strategy is all about setting the future vision, mission and organization to continually re-invent and sustain corporate performance even in fast-changing and global markets. A good corporate strategy not only provides a framework for governance, but also empowers those who must design and implement the strategy.

Strategic Foresight:
Changing socio-economic, technological and regional trends, globalization of emerging countries, localization of regional markets, and Big Data that connects everyone. While the opportunities are abundant, so are the challenges for companies not agile enough to capture the opportunities or escape the threats.
Strategic foresight is more art than science and a capability that our specialized consulting teams do much more frequently than individuals within a company. We help our clients gain a deeper understanding of the various scenarios, including the opportunities and threats.
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