What We Do
When someone asks what we do at Wexcore, we say - We build smart and futuristic IT technology solutions across business sectors that have potential to transform and upscale growth momentum. We build internet based interconnected system solutions using state of the art technology framework platform named WebEx.

We are never sort of ideas as we tend to challenge and confront with the problems and turn them into opportunities. We continuously thrive to build on next generation technology solutions which can scale and deliver in a reliable way.

In the process, we have strategised and successfully built instant website templates delivery system, stand alone versions of small and large scale retail system and internet based market place solution using WebEx.

We have also built online services delivery platform over WebEx. This platform defines standards on programming a service that can be disseminated to consumers at the minimal effort.

Sometimes people ask us – What is your USP?
We answer that in this way. We do not boast for our own performance. Please visit our website or our solutions / demos. Check it against any of the benchmark systems for performance, security, scalability, loading speed and vulnerability testing etc. and we will come better off majority of the leading companies in the world.

This is not easy to claim superiority above leading technology companies, but the fact is that – it is true.

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